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NSW Mum Finds Pill In Son’s Coco Pops

A mother in NSW has been left horrified after finding a pill in her son’s cereal.

Karlee Tweedie, from Booragul, Lake Macquarie, found the pill at the bottom of a bowl of Coco Pops that she had poured for her son over the weekend.

She has since posted a picture of the incident to Facebook to warn others about her finding.

"Everyone with kids who eat coco pops please be careful Alex was eating cereal and at the end we found a capsule in it," she wrote in the post.

It’s believed that the tablet is a Duromine weight loss capsule.

Speaking with Yahoo7, Ms Tweedie said that she had prepared breakfast for her son Alex on Saturday when she made the horrifying discovery.

“I made my son a bowl of cereal, he finished it and at the bottom of the bowl after he was finished was the tablet,” she said.

“I was worried and thought, what the hell is this?”

Duromine is typically used to treat people with weight issues including obesity and can have side effects like vomiting and diarrhoea.

Thankfully Alex didn’t consume any of the tablet, but Ms Tweedie decided to share the incident on Facebook to warn others. Her post has since been shared over 4000 times.

A Kellogg’s spokesperson has since told Yahoo7 that they have been in touch with Ms Tweedie and will conduct a full investigation.

“Along with manufacturing based on strict quality standards, we also have policies in place that prohibit employees bringing medications into the plant,” a statement read.

“We are doing a full investigation with our team and are staying in touch with the consumer. Based on the available information, our food on the shelf is safe to eat.”

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