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Newborn Baby Burns To Death In Hospital Incubator

A newborn baby has burned to death in an improvised hospital incubator.

The child was born five weeks premature at the Nuestra Senora del Rosario Hospital in Warnes, Bolivia.

The hospital allegedly had no available incubators so staff improvised with a makeshift one using super strong lights. 

The mother told local media: "As the baby was premature, we were told that it needed an incubator but there were none available. There was not any space in other medical centres either."

"I saw his little arm was burned and the baby was howling. We were told that the lights had burned him."

Doctors immediately noticed the injuries, and tried transferring the newborn to another hospital but it was at capacity. The baby boy died shortly after.

The news comes just weeks after President Evo Morales rolled out registration for his new universal healthcare model. 

Starting in March, the universal healthcare scheme will provide all Bolivians without insurance with free, quality medical attention that currently citizens have to pay for, leaving them out of pocket.

An extensive investigation into the hospital is underway.

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