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New Flood Map Is Bad News For Over 700 Brisbane Properties

Brisbane City Council’s flood risk maps have been redrawn and it comes with both good and bad news.

The good news: 3,738 properties were found to be better off.

The bad: 742 properties have been found to have a higher risk of flooding.

According to The Brisbane Times, the new catchment studies reassessed the risk to 6,200 properties in what has been called the most comprehensive flood risk analysis ever available.

Lord Major Graham Quirk said the studies used newer technology which allowed them to predict the impact of rainfall in creek catchments and how flooding would impact the surrounding areas.


“The results of these five new creek catchment studies, which impacts around 4500 blocks of land, show that 742 allotments had a higher flood risk than previous data revealed, while 3738 allotments had a lower flood risk than council's previous studies suggested,” he said.

Those properties at risk will be notified with the updated information by mail next month.

The FloodWise property report and flood awareness map will also be updated on September 9 with the new information.

Photos: AAP

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