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New City To Be Built Between Brisbane And The Gold Coast

A new city could spring up between Brisbane and the Gold Coast with 40 landowners set to sell up.

In what has been described as one of the biggest property deals ever, the land is expected to go for over $1 billion. A national land sales record.

Currently home to a number of sugarcane farms, the site would become Australia’s largest masterplanned city, with it 10 times the size of Surfers Paradise.

The land sits between the M1, Moreton Bay and two rivers in the Norwell Valley.

According to Canford property who is behind the sales campaign, the site has already sparked interest from abroad.

“Some of China’s largest developers and theme park operators who want to unseat Disney and develop one of the world’s largest theme parks on the Gold Coast,” they told The Courier Mail.

Currently the site of 248 properties, the land is big enough not only for a theme park, but education, housing, retail and commercial space.

It’s been called a dignified end for the cane farmers who have struggled to maintain a viable supply.

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