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Mum Sexually Assaulted While Holding Daughter In Public Pool

A Sydney mother has described the moment she was sexually assaulted while holding her two-year-old daughter in a public swimming pool.

Cassandra Sunners was swimming with her children when a man took advantage of her, forcing his hands insider her swimmers.

The mother of two said there was no mistaking the intent behind his actions.

“It took three to five seconds for a disgusting vile man to make me a victim,” she wrote on Facebook.

The 26-year-old immediately screamed and removed herself and her children from the whirlpool at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

She said she originally thought it was her seven-year-old son reaching for her.

However, she realised exactly what happened when her eyes locked with her attacker.

“As soon as he made eye contact with me he put his head under water,” she said of the man believed to be in his late teens to early 20s.

The Olympic Park Authority confirmed the offender had been taken into custody by police.

He’s been charged with assault, indecent assault and act of indecency.

According to Mrs Sunners it’s not the first time someone’s been assaulted at the pool.

She said guards told her it was a common place for predators and she wasn’t the first to have been assaulted.

On Facebook, the mum revealed she’d learned of one incident in which seven girls were assaulted by a 33-year-old man in 2013.

“Do not let your children in there. Don’t do it,” she warned.

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