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Mum Left Shocked at What Her Toddler Was Choking On

A mother of a two-year-old has been left shocked after discovering her daughter swallowed a Troll Doll.

Parents Justin and Melanie have said they heard their daughter, Eloise, choking from the other room when they realised what had happened.

“We didn’t realise she had the troll, then the next minute she started choking,” Melanie said.

“The most horrible thoughts went through my mind because when it comes to your kids, you just panic.”


The parents rushed their daughter to Townsville Hospital, where an X-ray revealed the body of the Mandy Sparkledust doll, about 6cm long and 2cm wide, had miraculously made it safely into her stomach.

Melanie said doctors told her, Eloise would not require surgery and advised her to let ­nature take its course.

“They said it might be uncomfortable for her as it goes through her intestines but she was fine – and it did come out naturally,” she said.

The Townsville mother is now warning other parents of the dangers noting that her daughter may have been inspired by the movie, Trolls, to eat the doll. In the film, the “Bergens” don’t know how to be happy until one of them eats a Troll, bringing eternal happiness.

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