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Mum Charged For Using Electric Dog Collar On Toddler

A 34-year-old mother has been jailed for three years for torture of a little boy.

Lanna Monaghan admitted to strapping a dog collar, which delivers electric shocks, to the young boy to test how effective it was.

The shocking details emerged in Glasgow's High Court where Judge Lady Rae sentenced Monaghan to three years in jail.

The court also heard Monaghan, who is pregnant with another child, forced the little boy to take cold showers and bit him.

The horrible abuse only ended when a family member reported Monaghan to the police.

"You have pleaded guilty to a catalogue of offences over the period of 15 months involving the physical abuse of a defenceless little boy," the judge said.

"He did not suffer lasting physical effects, but it is impossible to determine what the emotional impact on this little boy will be in the future.

"This defenceless little boy must have been terrified of you. You should be thankful that you were eventually reported for what you were doing."

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