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Multiple Reports Of Dog Baiting In Brisbane's South East

A number of deadly dog baits have been discovered in Cannon Hill backyards this week.

Vet nurse and good samaritan, Leona, posted to social media to warn locals of the incidents in Dorothea Street.

"The baits are ball shaped, wrapped in like a mesh or stocking and inside looks like bean bag beans," the post reads.

"The baits contain strychnine. A highly toxic poison that kills in 20 mins.

"Pls check your yards and keep on eye on anything your dog seems to be chewing.

"I have sent an email to local vet clinics today. Will put a post up at Richmond Rd dog park soon.

"These people generally move on in a few weeks. It's a very sad thing."

It's just another timely reminder to do regular checks if you have pets and always watch if you see them chewing on any unknown objects.

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