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This Is Why Riverfire Was Delayed On Saturday Night

If you were among the thousands watching Riverfire over the weekend you may have heard the crowd question what happened to the Super Hornet flyover.

You may have also questioned why the fireworks were delayed.

It was a question repeated throughout the crowd and now it’s been revealed there was a very good reason.

A medical emergency saw the airspace over the city shutdown as a helicopter made a last minute drop into Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

According to the Brisbane Times, the RACQ LifeFlight were called in at 6.50pm to fly out a specialist paediatric team from the South Brisbane hospital.

They were then taken west to Cherbourg to treat a baby with a chest infection.

With the airspace cleared for the chopper, the Super Hornet’s flight from Amberley to South Brisbane at 7.04pm was cancelled, while the fireworks display was delayed.

However, crowds were soon treated to a spectacular display which didn’t disappoint!

Top Photo: AAP Stock Image

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