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MCG Brawler Played At Same Club As Coward Punch Victim

The Richmond fan who threw multiple sickening punches during a brawl at the MCG season opener had close ties to Patrick Cronin. 

Cronin was the 19-year-old Melbourne teen killed by a coward punch outside a Diamond Creek Pub in 2016. 

The brawler, Sam Bevan-Shannon, played for the same football club (Lower Plenty FC and their feeder side Research FC) as Patrick and was even awarded the inaugural 'Patrick Cronin Medal'. 

On top of this, the Eltham teenager played in the Pat Cronin Foundation round the club spearheads to raise awareness about social violence. 

Bevan-Shannon copped a $322 fine for riotous behaviour and Police are still investigating the incident. 

Matt Cronin, Patrick's dad has known Sam and wants a stronger penalty. 

"There’s no way that we can condone his behaviour in any way ... with a $322 fine, the punishment doesn't fit the crime, I would've thought."

"We're extremely disappointed, saddened by the footage and extremely disappointed to think that it’s someone who knows first-hand the impact of this sort of violent behaviour."

"One, he was a Richmond supporter, I saw him in the shirt and thought ‘what an idiot’. Then when I heard he was from Eltham, I thought 'oh, that’s a bit close, he should know better'. When I heard it was Sam, it was even worse," he said.

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