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Massive 8 Metre Brick Wall Collapses At Brisbane School

The collapse of an eight-metre-high brick wall at Villanova College on Brisbane’s south side has been called a miracle.

It’s been revealed the massive wall gave way on December 27 while students were on holidays.

Located in the school’s senior’s area, the wall collapsed near classrooms and a tuckshop.

Had school been back in session, the damage could have ended in tragedy.

Principal Mark Stower has told the Brisbane Times the timing could be considers “the grace of God”.

"The senior school has about 560 students and around 80 staff, so we would have around 400 people moving around that area, during any one day," Mr Stower said.

However, instead the wall collapsed at what happens to be “the quietest time of the year”.

The school has been undergoing a multi-million-dollar building rehabilitation project.

Engineers are investigating the cause of the collapse.

TOP PHOTO: Villanova College Facebook

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