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Lionel Patea Sentenced For Second Murder In Greg Dufty Trial

Lionel John Patea will be sentenced for murder for a second time on Tuesday after he admitted killing Gold Coast father Greg Dufty.

Patea, his brother Nelson Andrae Patea and Aaron John Crawford were expected to go on trial for the 2015 killing this week.

But the trio appeared in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday where Lionel Patea pleaded guilty to murder.

Nelson Patea pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter, while Crawford also admitted to unlawful killing and another count of interfering with a corpse.

Mr Dufty, a father-of-two, was last seen in early July 2015 but his body has never been found.

During the sentencing for Liam Rawhiti Bliss and Clinton Lee Earl Stockman, who also pleaded guilty to the 37-year-old's manslaughter in February, it was revealed he was bashed unconscious after he stole cannabis.

When he couldn't be woken, his body was incinerated at a property near Casino in northern NSW.

Lionel Patea admitted killing his former partner Tara Brown on the opening day of his trial in February 2017.


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