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Groom-To-Be Left Paralysed After Breaking His Back On Bucks

A 28-year-old groom-to-be who was left paralysed after breaking his back on his bucks party is confident he will walk again.

Fire-fighter James Thorpe was paralysed from his neck down in a freak accident just three weeks before his wedding day.

Thorpe tripped while on holiday in Majorca on June 3. He broke seven vertebrae and was forced to postpone his wedding to Michaela Watson, 33 (pictured below). 

But doctors say the Norfolk local has made 'amazing' progress and could still walk his bride down the aisle.

The Daily Mail reports the pair are planning a Disney-themed wedding in July next year.


“I have progressed a lot. I couldn't get out of bed when it first happened and I can now,” Mr Thorpe told The Daily Mail.

“The consultants and physiotherapists say it’s amazing the progress I have made in a short time.”

Mr Thorpe has developed some movement in his upper legs during his rehabilitation at Sheffield Northern General Hospital.

Friends of the couple have established a crowd fund to help them through this difficult time.

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