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Irish Scammers Flee QLD, Go To Ground After Crime Spree

Some of the Irish scammers who've brazenly ripped off Queenslanders have fled Australia, while others have gone to ground.

Police have linked the group to a dozen incidents in Brisbane on the Gold Coast, including fleecing thousands of dollars from elderly home owners with bogus agreements to fix roofs and driveways.

The women in the group have used their children to shoplift, with the kids sneaking things into a pram while the adults distract shop attendants.

The women have also scammed restaurateurs, getting free food and drinks by claiming they found hair or glass in their food.

Police say publicity about the group's crime spree appears to have prompted some to flee.

"We know some of these people have left the country now," Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming told the Nine network on Monday, but said others might still be here.

"This attention has put many of them to ground and - which is a good thing, because our key goal at the moment is to stop these people from committing any more offences."

One of the worst cases involved an elderly man who lost more than $25,000 when he paid men to repair his roof, but they never finished the job.


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