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Investigations Underway Into Multiple Suspicious Deaths

An aged care facility in Townsville is under investigation after an abnormal amount of suspicious deaths were reported.

The Carinity Fairfield Grange Aged Care Facility is at the centre of the investigations by police and the Coroner.

There have been thirty deaths in total since the facility opened back in 2016, raising questions over the actions of the caregivers.

According to The Australiana senior nurse is at the centre of the investigation "with at least five recent fatalities given high ­priority".

The nurse allegedly administered a lethal dose of morphine and midazolam to a resident, Charlotte "Lottie" Paluszak, who passed away.

Authorities were told that it "ended her life for no clinically acceptable reason in November".

The Australian also reported that sources within the facility were concerned over the delivery of the life-ending dosages and have said that Lottie was in "good physical health and had not been formally prepared for a pathway to end life".

Investigations have already shown that the death rate at the Townsville aged-care facility is abnormally high with CCTV footage and medical files released to police.

The senior nurse acted suspiciously after the death and subsequent funeral which raised alarm bells.

"It looks so creepy — it is very strange,” a source told the Australian. “She looked cheerful and happy, and then she leant on and hugged the coffin as it was going into the hearse. People who saw it were stunned … saying ‘What the?’".

This Nurse has been fired along with two other staff members. 

More as we get it.

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