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“Initially I thought It Was Someone Sleeping"

“Initially, I thought it [was] someone sleeping on the creek bank.”

For the first time, the man who discovered Allison Baden Clay’s body has spoken out, and his words are haunting.

Talking to Whimn, Professor Daryl Joyce has told how the right conditions and time led him to paddle up Kholo Creek in Anstead on that Monday in April 2012.

It had been 11 days since the search for Allison had begun after her husband Gerard Baden Clay reported her missing.

He would be later charged and convicted over her death.

As the academic paddled along the water, 13 kilometres from Allison’s Brookfield home, he noticed a familiar sight.

“Initially, I thought it [was] someone sleeping on the creek bank,” he told the publication.


“Then, I realised it [was] Allison based on her clothes. A mannequin dressed like Allison had been shown on TV.”

With her jumper tangled around her neck, the mum-of-two’s face was partly down on the creek bank.

“It was initially a shock. [It was] imperative to let the police know urgently,” Professor Joyce said.

“The search had been given a lot of press coverage. It was clear that the family were terribly distraught and needed to know ASAP."

Immediately returning to where he’d parked his car, Professor Joyce then drove home where he made that call to police.

Suddenly Allison’s disappearance would turn into a murder case, which even now – five years later, has gripped the country.

Photos: AAP

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