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Husband arrested over Novy Chardon murder

Update 11:40am 17/06/16: 

John Chardon has officially been charged with the murder of his wife, Novy, who went missing over three years ago. 

Chardon was arrested earlier today and taken in for questioning. 

The 68-year-old has been a person of interest in the investigation since Novy's disappearance on in February 2013.

Earlier 17/06/16:

Gold Coast businessman John Chardon has been arrested over the murder of his wife, Novy, more than three years after her disappearance.

Chardon, 68, was driven to the Brisbane police watchhouse in an unmarked government vehicle about 9.50am on Friday.

He was expected to be charged with the murder of the 34-year-old mother of two and was to face the Brisbane Magistrates Court later on Friday.

Indonesia-born Novy, 34, was last seen at a Coomera service station in February 2013 and her car was found abandoned at a Nerang train station a few days later.

But despite extensive searches and a $250,000 reward for information, her body has not been found.

Chardon has been interviewed several times by police over his wife's disappearance but has repeatedly denied any involvement in her apparent murder.

The two were married for 11 years but their relationship had broken down by the time of her disappearance and were preparing to divorce.

Two days after Novy's disappearance, Chardon flew to Indonesia with their children, then aged nine and seven, on what he said was a pre-arranged business trip.

In media interviews days after she vanished, he claimed Novy had "done this sort of thing before" and appealed for her to "get your stupid bloody a*** home."


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