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Hinch Back On The Booze After Liver Transplant

Image: Getty

The self proclaimed 'Human Headline' Derryn Hinch has had his recent elevation to the Australian Senate over shadowed with the news that he is still drinking alcohol despite receiving a liver transplant in 2011.


Hinch with Chadwick, 36 years his junior, in happier times.

The former TV host has admitted that he still indulges his passion for wine under doctor's orders, and says that the story is little more than a "beat up" after he recently split with his much younger partner Natasha Chadwick, who announced that Hinch is off the wagon on her Twitter account.


She has since deleted the Tweet but not before adding that:

“Deleted tweets because not my style, in anger I stooped to his low-life antics” 

“All tweets are true. Erasing Hinch from my life.” 

The couple have only just broken up this week, and Hinch had anticipated her statements with this Tweet yesterday:


The self confessed alcoholic today released a statement admitting he still drinks regularly and defended his choice to resume drinking, claiming he has permission from his transplant surgeon:


In July this year Hinch posted this picture on his Facebook page celebrating five years since his life saving transplant operation.



As Derryn himself might say, "That's Life"


What do you think? Should Derryn enjoy alcohol in moderation as he's claiming or should he respect the donor and their family? Post your comments below.

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