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Help Sign Saves Brisbane Bus Driver After Hijacking

A Brisbane bus driver has endured a short but terrifying ride after an erratic man climbed on board and forced him to drive off.

Officers saved the driver after he activated a distress alarm that both alerted police and changed the sign on the front of his bus to say "Call police!".

A passer-by saw the sign and called for help at the same time as officers were using GPS technology to track the bus.

They were able to climb onboard but had to taser the man after he ran to the back of the bus and began using his head to smash glass panels in an attempt to flee.

Police allegedly found drugs on the 28-year-old, who is expected to face drug and wilful damage charges.

The bus driver, aged in his 40s, was not physically harmed during the drama which played out along St Pauls Terrace at innercity Spring Hill just before 5pm on Wednesday.

Police say the driver was sitting on his empty bus when the alleged offender climbed onboard and began behaving in a threatening manner.

"He told the driver to just drive him somewhere," a police spokesman told AAP.

"The driver pressed the duress alarm, which then changed the sign on the front of the bus to say call police."

The alleged offender suffered cuts to his head and was taken to hospital.


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