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Heated Fight Allegedly Breaks Out In Parliament Overnight

The Australian Federal Police have heard that an alleged heated confrontation occurred in parliament overnight between a United Australia Party Senator and a One Nation advisor.

Senator Brian Burston has said that he reported an incident with Pauline Hanson’s key advisor James Ashby that allegedly occurred overnight.

Mr Burston has provided photos to News Corp that show cuts on his hand, which he claims occurred during heated fight with Mr Ashby outside the Great Hall as he tried to take Mr Ashby’s phone.

Mr Ashby also provided images which appeared to show Ms Hanson’s office door smeared in blood.

Mr Ashby has denied attacking Senator Burston, while the senator has also denied having anything to do with the bloody marks left on Pauline Hanson’s office door.

It’s believed that Mr Burston and his wife Ros were attending a Minerals Council dinner in the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra last night when they were seated at the same table as One Nation’s Mr Ashby.

Pauline Hanson was also reported to be at the function.

Mr Burston claimed that Mr Ashby left the dinner early but he later spotted him in the foyer as he was leaving the dinner with his wife. He claimed that an incident occurred when Mr Ashby ran towards him and put a phone within 10cm of his face.

“I told him to f*** off,” Mr Burston told News Corp Australia.

Mr Burston said that he tried to grab the phone but it fell to the ground. He claimed that Mr Ashby then tried to put the phone close to his wife’s face.

“I lost it,” Mr Burston said. “I grabbed him and I pushed him up against the wall. I defended myself and my wife, physically."

Mr Burston then claimed that a journalist from The Australian, Geoff Chambers, approached him and he told him to “f*** off too”.

The Senator said that he has sought the help of Australian Federal Police and will be filing for a restraining order.

Mr Ashby on the other hand has said that the AFP are welcome to view all footage from the incident, after it was allegedly caught on camera.

“The AFP are welcome to review all video footage and they will see these claims by Brian Burston are false.”

Mr Ashby claimed that he was trying to take photos of Ms Hanson leaving the Minerals Council function when Mr Burston lashed out and attacked him.

This heated fight comes after Mr Burston made claims against Ms Hanson earlier in the day, saying that she has sexually harassed him.

Ms Hanson has denied the claims.

Mr Burston was originally elected in 2016 as part of One Nation but quit the party last year and now represents Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.

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