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Giraffe Makes Epic 4,200km Journey Across Australia For Love

A giraffe has finally arrived at Perth Zoo after an epic 4,200-kilometre journey across Australia from Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.

The six-year-old female, named Kitoto, made the journey in the hope she’ll hit it off with male giraffe Armani and add to the seven giraffes already produced as part of Perth Zoo’s breeding program.

It took six months to plan the journey, which included the raising of electrical wires in some places to allow the 4.5-metre giraffe through.

“We obviously had to map out a route that didn’t have any low bridges or overpasses,” a Perth Zoo spokesperson said.

The ABC reported that Kitoto, meaning ‘child’ in Swahili, had been an odd sight for passing motorists on the Eyre Highway, with her popping her head out the back of a specially built crate.

Last year, giraffe Asali made the 2,200-kilometre journey back to Monarto Zoo in Adelaide because of a lack of chemistry with 14-year-old Armani.

Zookeepers are expected to take it slow when introducing Kitoto to Armani.

We certainly hope he swipes right.

- with ABC

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