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Brisbane, Get Ready To Rug Up Even More!

As Brisbane well and truly welcomes winter to the Sunshine State, we’re being warned to expect more chilly conditions.

The cool temperatures will continue for most of this week with the minimum sitting around just 8 degrees.

Things will get slightly warmer come Wednesday with a top of 22 degrees, however the nights will remain cool.

The good news is that today’s freezing (by Queensland standards at least) conditions will ease up ever so slightly.

While the mercury is predicted to only hit a top of 15 degrees today, by Tuesday this will increase to a relatively balmy 19 degrees.

Queensland experienced its coldest morning of the year on Sunday with temps dipping below zero in some parts of the state.

While Brisbane dropped to just 4.3 degrees, Kingaroy really felt the big freeze with temps of -6 degrees.

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