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Former PM Tony Abbott Assaulted In Hobart Street

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he's been headbutted by a same-sex marriage supporter in Hobart.

Mr Abbott said he was walking towards his hotel when he was approached by a man wearing a vote Yes badge who asked to shake his hand.

"I went over to shake his hand and then he headbutted me," Mr Abbott told 3AW radio.

Mr Abbott said the headbutter wasn't very good at it, but did make contact.

He only suffered a swollen lip.

A staffer from Mr Abbott's office tussled with the man before he ran off "swearing his head off".

"It's just a reminder of how ugly this debate is getting," Mr Abbott said.

He has been in Tasmania on Thursday lunching with campaigners opposed to gay marriage including Liberal Party colleague Eric Abetz.

Mr Abbott and Mr Abetz also visited Hobart Airport to inspect the runway, which was extended as a result of funding from the Abbott government.

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