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Former Brisbane Chef Faces Court After Serving Drugs

The former head chef at a Brisbane restaurant was in the habit of making pasta dishes, but he also knew how to supply a mean ragu known as cocaine.

Ryan David McIver appeared in the Brisbane District Court on Monday where he admitted supplying the drug to customers on behalf of his boss on three occasions in 2016 and 2017.

The 30-year-old did not make any money or receive any cocaine for his role in the operation.

The court heard McIver received a phone call from his employer on October 1, 2016, where he was told a customer would be visiting the restaurant to receive a "full feed of ragu".

Judge Paul Smith said ragu was code for cocaine.

He also transported the drug to customers on two occasions in March and April 2017.

The cocaine he delivered on the last occasion weighed more than 50g and had a street value of $27,000.

Judge Paul Smith said it was a "real shame" McIver succumbed to the temptation of assisting his boss.

"You knew what you were doing was wrong but you felt socially pressured to become involved," he said.

Judge Smith said he accepted the former head chef had a minimal role in the offending and did it because of his friendship with his employer.

The court heard McIver had previously been convicted of supplying dangerous drugs but it was back in 2008 and 2009.

A psychologist found he also has ADHD and other mental health issues, meaning he has poor social judgment and is more likely to struggle to make decisions.

Judge Smith said although he had left the hospitality sector following his arrest, had not used drugs for several years and was now in stable employment, his offending required he serve some time behind bars.

McIver was sentenced to two years' jail, suspended after he serves three months.

The other people charged over the drug operation remain before the courts.


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