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Forget Winter! Mercury Set To Soar In Brisbane Today

Seems like the slippers and dressing gown can go back into the cupboard today, as the mercury is set to hit 27 degrees on Monday. 

Winter? What's that? 

Giving us a bit of reprieve from the chilly mornings, it was a comparatively warm 12 degrees at 5am this morning. 

And the unseasonably high 27 degrees means you can probably leave any winter coats at home as well. 

While there is partial fog, especially in the western suburbs early, the day looks to be fine. 

There is, however, a 40% chance of showers or thunderstorms developing late in the afternoon or evening. 

Tomorrow morning is also set to be 13 degrees.

But then the weather with return to the expected chilly mornings with minimums of 8 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday. 

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