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Female Inmates Get Knickers In A Knot Over Underwear

Female inmates at Dillwynia Correctional Centre in NSW were OUTRAGED when forced to wear “unflattering” underwear.

After several drug smuggling incidents, inmates were issued with prison-grade “Bridget Jones” style granny and the prisoners were not happy, Jan.

According to News.com.au, a source said that “there had been an uproar when the prison governor recently made the call to ban inmates from wearing their undies of choice earlier this year.”

Authorities discovered that drugs were being smuggled into the minimum security prison via inmate’s underwear, so the Governor banned families from bringing clothes from the outside.

The inmates did not believe that the new rule would be enforced, and were outraged, with a Corrective Services spokeswoman having to confirm it to News.com.au.

“Following recent incidents where contraband was smuggled into the centre in underwear, the Governor issued a warning and interim measure to restrict visitors from bringing these items in,” the spokeswoman said.

The ban was short-lived and has been lifted already, however there was no reason as to why the original decision was reversed.

 “The temporary restriction has since been lifted and Corrective Services NSW is reviewing the policy in relation to visitors dropping off clothing for inmates,” the spokeswoman said.

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