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Facebook Refuses To Remove Photos Of Young Woman's Murderer

Finding closure after a loved one is murdered is a difficult task. 

But when you must face the murderer's photo every time you reminisce and visit the deceased's Facebook page - it should never be a problem family and friends are faced with. 

That is not the case. 

Hollie Gazzard was stabbed 14 times by her ex-boyfriend Asher Maslin in February 2014 ending in her tragic passing.


Maslin has been sentanced to life in prison with no chance of appeal for the brutal attack... But that hasn't allowed the family to begin moving on.

Despite constant pleas from family and friends, his photo remains splashed all over Gazzard's Facebook page. 

Facebook claim their policy is to memorialize the pages of the deceased without making any alterations or changes.

But in this case, surely there should be an alternate option. 

Her father says family and friends feel 'sick' every time they look at her page - confronted by photos of her standing alongside her eventual killer. 

But Facebook still won't budge. 

"We memorialise accounts to provide a place of remembrance and maintain the profile as it was when the person passed away," A spokesperson for the social media network told the family.

"We understand in tragic cases such as this it may mean there are sometimes painful reminders but memorialized accounts are designed to preserve the privacy of the deceased."

The family are not backing down however, now calling on the public to hear their plea and join in solidarity. 

So far their change.org petition has over 10,000 supporters and it has only been running since the 28th of October. 

We hope that common sense can prevail and the family given the opportunity to remember Hollie for the person she was, not the way she left this world...

H/T: Cosmopolitan

Images: Facebook, Change.org

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