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Every Parent's Worst Nightmare Comes True Ahead of Schoolies

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to hear the news that illegal drugs are being readily sold by year 12 students via social media websites ahead of Schoolies celebrations on the Gold Coast.

Students are posting their mobile numbers along with Snapchat details on Facebook to alert their friends that they’ll be selling the illicit substances at event. 

The Gold Coast Bulletin reports that one friend even responded to the Facebook ad asking if the teenager would be selling the dangerous synthetic drug flakka. 

Former police officer and cyber safety expert, Susan McLean told Daily Mail that it would be 'extremely dumb' for students to think they would go unnoticed by police if they advertise online.

“To blatantly sell drugs online is pretty dumb because it doesn't matter if you have a fake account officers can contact Facebook and get all the relevant details of who has been posting and managing the account,” Ms McLean told Daily Mail Australia. 

'Then they will obtain a warrant and arrest you,' she added.  

Queensland Police released this frightening video of the side effects to Flakka after a recent ‘outbreak’ on the Gold Coast in October. 

Paramedics are also warning of the deadly repercussions of using 'party drugs' ahead of this year's celebrations.   

“Any illegal drugs or unknown substance that you take, the effect is totally unknown,' Queensland Ambulance Supervisor Paul Young said.

'There is no such thing as a Party Drug. Drugs used improperly can and will kill.' 

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