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Eggheads Star Arrested For MURDER Of Homeless Man

Former Eggheads panellist CJ de Mooi has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The professional quizmaster has reportedly been wanted by Dutch police for more than three months, after they issued a European warrant for his arrest in May; just days later, however, the 46-year-old flew to South Africa for a "trip of a lifetime" with husband Andrew Cox.

De Mooi, whose real name is Joseph Connagh, released an autobiography in September last year in which he confessed to pushing a drug addict into an Amsterdam canal in 1988 when the man threatened him with a knife.

Now Dutch authorities are trying to identify which of the 12 bodies pulled from the canal that year could have been de Mooi's victim.

Despite keeping his social media followers regularly updated with photos and details of his trip, it wasn't until de Mooi arrived back at Heathrow airport on Wednesday that he was arrested; he later appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court, where he was released on bail pending an extradition hearing on November 28.

At Thursday's hearing, prosecutor Brian Gibbins explained: "The defendant, a TV personality, wrote an autobiography... claimed that whilst living in Amsterdam in 1988, he may have killed a drug addict who was attempting to mug him by punching him and throwing him into a canal in Amsterdam."

"It is understood," Gibbins continued, "that the person had a knife with him. It was said that the defendant punched his assailant square in the face, disarmed him and threw him in the canal.

"On the face of the warrant he is wanted for further questions."

The excerpt of de Mooi's book which set this series of events in motion describes how the TV star was broke and homeless in his teens, and became a prostitute, first in London and then in Amsterdam.

"He caught me on the wrong day and I just snapped," de Mooi wrote. "I fully suspect I killed him."

Both de Mooi and his husband were ordered to pay £5,000 as part of their bail condition, and de Mooi has been banned from leaving the country.

Eggheads airs in Australia on ABC.

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