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Don Burke Responds To Questions About Alleged Harassment

Burke’s Backyard host Don Burke was accused of sexually harassing and indecently assaulting a number of women he had previously worked with on his gardening program in the 1980s and 1990s. 

Former researcher Louise Langdon accused Burke of harassment and groping while former producer Bridget Ninness accused Burke of bullying and crude behaviour. 

Burke appeared on A Current Affair and admitted “I don’t think I was a very good person” and “people don’t like me”. He also denied being a sexual predator and a bully. ACA host Tracy Grimshaw had this to say to Burke: “These are not rumours. These are women who are coming forward and saying this happened to me, he did this to me, he said this to me, he bullied me, he intimidated me, he harassed me, he did it to me.”

Burke told Grimshaw that he had a lot to be sorry for, including a number of affairs and being difficult to work with on his hit lifestyle show. He also admitted to being an unpopular figure during his time at Channel Nine and said that accusers may see this as their chance to “nail” him in light of the recent domino effect of the Harvey Weinstein saga and #metoo campaign. He labelled the allegations as a “social media witchhunt,” and said it’s now up to Australians to make up their minds.

Burke said, “I am happy to say to the people of Australia: this is my story, make up your mind if I’m the most evil person that’s ever lived, that’s your decision.”

Tonight’s interview comes after Channel Nine distanced itself from on of its former big stars. You can watch the full interview here. 

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