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Cyclists "Die-In" Protest To Impact Brisbane Traffic

Cyclists will stop Brisbane peak hour traffic by imitating the scene of a mass accident in protest against unsafe road conditions.

The "die-in" protest, led by Greens local councillor Jonathan Sri, will block the busy Vulture Street in inner suburb South Brisbane for around 10 minutes on Wednesday morning.

"Unfortunately, all the other mechanisms we've tried have failed," Mr Sri told AAP.

"Fundamentally, the problem is that Brisbane City Council is prioritising traffic flow ahead of bike safety improvements."

Cyclists want more bike lanes and lower speed limits, Mr Sri said.

They have been prompted by the ramming of 19-year-old cyclist Shelly Cheng, who says she was hospitalised with head and other injuries at the intersection of Vulture and Stanley streets last month.

"From what I remember, the motorist hit me off my bike and I slid across the gravel into the other lane," Ms Cheng said.

"Fortunately, the oncoming van was far away enough to stop in time. I was dazed and shaking while I walked my bike off the road.

"The woman who hit me didn't even leave her details. She made sure I was off the road, then just drove away while I was still disoriented and confused."

It's not the first such protest in Brisbane, with around 100 riders gathering last year to block car lanes on Victoria Bridge at South Bank.

Mr Sri admitted the action was controversial.

"We've really struggled to get the council to take us seriously on this issue," he said.

"It's basically an act of desperation.

"We'd be happy to call off the protest in a heartbeat if the council gave a commitment to installing bike lanes and lowering speed limits.

"But we're sick of our friends ending up in hospital."

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