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Couple Arrive At Rental Home, See Fence Is Blocking Garage

A New Zealand couple arrived at their new rental property and were surprised to see a fence - that wasn’t there when they first inspected the property - blocking the garage.

The couple, who have now been forced to park outside, are concerned their blocked garage may now be rented out.

Beck Cole and Deo Bohn moved into their home in Shotover Country, north-east of Queenstown centre in New Zealand in June this year.

Ms Cole told Stuff.co.nz that she was disappointed to still be paying full rent. 'We did think at the time the driveway was pretty steep,' Ms Cole said. 'We were told a few weeks later that it would no longer be able to be used as a garage. Then he (the landlord) decided to put the fence up which was a bit bizarre. 'He said he was going to put it up as a bit of privacy but the fence is serving absolutely no purpose.'

The couple also have four older children, three of whom had hoped to use the garage to store their motorbikes away from rain.

Queenstown Lakes District Council spokesman Jimmy Sygrove told Stuff.co.nz that he was in contact with the property owner about consenting issues, but would not add any further information.

What do you think; fair, or wrong?

Source: Daily Mail

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