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Cassie Sainsbury Looks Set To Admit Something Very Shocking

‘Cocaine Cassie’ Sainsbury, who is currently in a Colombian prison, is expected to admit acting as a drug mule if Sunday Night’s TV promotion is anything to go by.

In the amazing admissions made to Channel 7, her 22-year-old partner Scott Broadbridge appears to have conceded that his bride-to-be is about co confess her part in a mystery international drugs syndicate, even before she heads to court.

Broadbridge, who has been paid for his story, told Sunday Night’s Denham Hitchcock that his fiancee’s flight to Colombia had been a surprise to him.

The program also looks to provide detail on the alleged mystery man behind the cocaine deal, who Cassie has identified as Angelo or Tom.

Broadbridge alleges he also saw payments related to the disastrous deal in her bank account.

Sainsbury has been in prison since April 11, the day she was arrested with 5.8kg of cocaine in her luggage, which she allegedly tried to smuggle home.

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