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Car Involved In Larissa Beilby's Alleged Murder Found

A car linked to the alleged murder investigation surrounding Larissa Beilby's death has been found at an Eight Miles Plains location. 

The police made the announcement on Monday morning that the 2014 silver Holden Commodore sedan with a sunroof had been located on Friday July 6. 

The police thanked media and the public for their assistance in tracking down the vehicle so as to help investigations. 

Larissa Beilby's body was discovered in a barrel in the back of a ute which led to a police pursuit and extended stand-off. Zlatko Sikorsky, 34, is facing multiple charges including murder, torture, deprivation of liberty and interfering with a corpse in regards to the grim discovery.

Sikorsky's lawyers however have stated that they will fight the charge of murder. 


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