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Brisbane Siblings Returned Home In Christmas Miracle

Three years ago Serena and Thomas were 'parentally abducted' from childcare by their mother, their father Harry had not heard from them since. Until now. 

A week out from Christmas Harry Speath was given the best present imaginable, with the Australian Federal Police reuniting him with his two children, now 9 and 8 years old. 

Meanwhile, their mother, Jane Adare, fronted the Federal Circuit Court Of Australia across town. 

Adare and the children were discovered in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, just 150km from their father who had been searching for them all these years. 

During their time missing, neither child was enrolled in school nor were their medicare cards used. 

Further confusion with Adare's dual United Kingdom citizenship had Speath fear his children had been taken out of the country. 

On the fifth of this month, Speath took to Facebook to reflect on the third anniversary of his children going missing. 


"Today I am reflecting on a monumental milestone in the time line since the abduction of my children by their mother. It is three (3) years exactly since the last time I saw my children," his post began.

"It is three years exactly since the last time I have spoken to my children. It is three years exactly since I’ve obtained any news as to their education, health, wellbeing……. and so many other things that any concerned parent takes for granted.

"Its (sic) been three sets of birthdays (both theirs & mine), Christmas’, Easters, Fathers days, three years worth of holidays, countless visits to their paternal grandmum, aunt & indeed their half brother’s visits from his overseas work assignments.

"In that time, none of us has had the normal family pleasures taken for granted by normal folks."

He signed off the message hoping that he would be reunited with the pair soon.

And that Christmas wish has come through. 

We hope that through the confusion, shock and adjustment, this Christmas is one they will never forget. 

H/T: DailyMail, News.com.au

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