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Brisbane Priest Claims He Was Spat At For Voting ‘No’

Roman Catholic Priest Father Morgan Batt has claimed that he was “spat at” for voting ‘no’ in the same-sex marriage ballot.

According to his Facebook page, Father Batt, who works at the Brisbane Archdiocese, was walking up Queen St Mall in the Brisbane CBD.

At the time, he was wearing his priestly attire and it was broad daylight.

“I was stopped, spat at, and called a ‘f---ing no voter’,” he said.

 “Smile and move on was all I could do,” he wrote. “Let’s pray for healing. Australia this is really not us.”

According to the Courier Mail, QLD police have not confirmed whether a formal complaint had been made.

Father Batt is a well known figure in the roman catholic church.

He was a young parish priest in Port Arthur at the time of the massacre in 1996 and currently works with young men in Brisbane who are considering priesthood.

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