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UQ College Under Fire For Misogynistic Quotes In Yearbook

A college affiliated with the University of Queensland is under fire after a number of quotes appeared in their 2017 yearbook promoting rape and sexual assault against women. 

Emmanuel College published the yearbook that contained quotes including, "Consent is nothing" - attributed to individual students. 

Other quotes include “I’d rather choke her to sleep, than talk her to sleep” and “I could put my fist right through her face.”.

The comments are said to promote rape culture on campus.

Emmanuel College CEO and Provost, David Brunckhorst was reportedly unaware of the disgusting comments until confronted by channel 7 news. 

“[I] was horrified, upset and very disappointed when I saw some of the attributed quotes in the students’ yearbook today," he said. 

“They do not reflect Emmanuel College’s culture of respect, safety, equality and caring for each other in a supportive co-ed community.

“[The Yearbook] is a publication produced entirely by the Students’ Club for their peers … Emmanuel College staff did not see the pages with the attributed quotes until after it was printed and released to students.”

But many are not happy with the administration choosing to distance themselves from the issue.

“Talking about choking women or putting fists through their faces certainly doesn’t reflect any sort of culture of respect, in fact it demonstrates the complete opposite” Director of End Rape On Campus Australia, Sharna Bremner, told news.com.au.

“I don’t even know where to start with that. Particularly given the immense coverage of issues around consent and sexual violence at universities in the past 18 months, and in the wake Australian Human Rights Commission report, which clearly showed that college students are more likely to be affected by sexual violence than non-college students.”

The University of Queensland have also condemned the publication of the quotes but said they would speak with the College directly about any further action that needs to be taken. 

According to channel 7, no effort has been made to recall the offending yearbooks from students. 

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