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Brisbane Basketballer Caught Importing Dog In Hand Luggage

An American basketballer has been released after flying into Brisbane with his pet bulldog stashed in his hand luggage.

But Lamar Patterson's pooch, a French bulldog named Kobe, is still waiting for freedom after being put in quarantine.

Patterson, who has been recruited to play for the Brisbane Bullets, apparently arrived in Australia without cabin crew realising Kobe was tucked away in a bag.

He boarded a Qantas flight to Australia after taking an internal flight in the US on American Airlines, which does allow pets onboard.

Bullets coach Andrej Lemanis said the club had to take some blame for not schooling Patterson about Australia's strict quarantine laws.

"I guess in his defence, we should take some responsibility. That's one of the things that obviously we need to communicate in future," Lemanis has told The Courier-Mail.

"When he got to the airport, he asked if he could take his dog and the response was yes and it was even on his boarding pass that he was travelling with his dog. Obviously there was some confusion."

"They probably thought he only meant domestically and when he got to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) no one said anything to him, he went through security. Somehow he got it on the plane."


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