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Chaos On Our Roads After Multiple Crashes And Major Delays

It’s been a chaotic morning on the roads across the south-east with multiple crashes and major delays for motorists.

Drivers heading in to work from Ipswich have been faced with a long trip after two accidents of the Ipswich Motorway.

A crash between a truck and a car has traffic blocked at the Cunningham Highway at Willowbank.

With emergency services responding to patients, we’re being warned there will be major delays for some time yet.

It follows another accident on the motorway at Redbank and another at Dinmore where the Ipswich Motorway, Warrego and Cunningham Highways join.

According to the Courier Mail there have also been reports of two pedestrians being hit by cars in separate incidents.

The first was involved in a serious crash at Lower Tenthill while the second was hit by a car at Annerley.

With delays predicted for some time yet, it’s an important reminder to pack your patience and stay safe on the roads. 

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