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Australian's Told NOT TO TRAVEL To Holiday Hotspot

Australians are today being warned to be very cautious about travelling to the Phillipines.
It follows an attack in a Manila resort overnight that caused hundreds of people to stampede after a masked gunman started firing at guests.

A travel warning is in place for the Phillipines overall, with Australians told to ‘exercise a high degree of caution’ and ‘pay close attention to your personal security at all times and monitor the media about possible new safety or security risks.’’

If you are travelling to the Eastern Mindanao district, you should ‘ reconsider your need to travel and ‘think seriously about whether you need to travel here due to the high level of risk. If you do travel, do your research and take a range of extra safety precautions, including having contingency plans. Check that your travel insurer will cover you.’’

If you are travelling to the ‘Central and Western Mindanao district, including the Zamboanga Peninisula and the Sulu Archipelago and southern Sulo Sea area, do not travel.

The advise is ‘gainst all travel here due to the very high risk. If you do travel, you should typically seek professional security advice. Be aware that regular travel insurance policies will be void and that the Australian Government is unlikely to be able to provide consular assistance.’’

The statement was released by the Australian Government.

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