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Australian Woman Held Captive, Starved And Raped In Pakistan

WARNING: This story includes content that may be confronting and distressing for some.

An Australian woman was held captive, starved and repeatedly raped by a man who lured her to Pakistan with the promise of a "fairytale ending". 

Lara Hall was groomed by a man called Sajjad, who promised her a wonderful life in a Lahore, Pakistan. 

The predatory online groomer assured the 30-year-old that he would "fill in all the blank spaces" in her troubled life. 

Hall, who suffers from OCD and came from a dysfunctional family, admits to being "completely vulnerable" to Sajjad's claims of a better life.

It wasn't until she arrived in Pakistan that the terrifying truth about him began to emerge. Despite being promised a lavish life in a Spanish-style villa, the Sydney Law Graduate discovered Sajjad had fabricated his 'story' and was in fact living in a filthy five bedroom house with 20 people.

The abuse happened shortly after with the male telling her that because her visa had expired she would be arrested if she left the house. 

"Sajjad raped me and his brother attempted to rape me on multiple occasions. I was a kept woman, I was denied feminine hygiene products and had to bleed freely, I was starved over long periods of time - on one occasion up to 14 hours," the Sydney woman told Daily Mail.

When Hall constantly refused Sajjad's marriage proposals, and the opportunity to convert to Islam, the abuse intensified. 

"I was made to present myself naked after a shower. One time I had a bit of shampoo still in my hair after showering and Sajjad grabbed me, telling me I was an idiot and slammed my head into the basin.

"I was once made to lay naked in the bed with my legs open. One time I was ill [and] he thought it was 'hilarious' - as I was vomiting - to come up and try to rape me while I was hurling.

"I had come all the way to Pakistan to be a prisoner."

The 30-year-old managed to contact the Australian Consulate and High Commission whose reaction was "lacklustre". They simply advised Hall to find a safer place to stay.

She was also too scared to go to the police due to her visa overstay, and for speaking out against a local man.

Hall managed to contact the chief executive of 'AFOHS' - an elite private members' club for diplomats and the armed forces via Facebook

Once notified of the 30-year-old's situation, Dr. Kaiser Rafiq immediately told local police, and saved her. She stayed with him for a few weeks before flying to Islamabad to sort out her Visa to return home.

She is now safely back in Australia and is sharing her story, and petitioning for fellow grooming victims who have also been let down by the Australian government.

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