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Australia Is In The Middle Of The Worst Flu Outbreak EVER!

If it feels like you and everyone you know has had the flu at some point this winter, it's not too far from the truth.

We are currently experiencing the worst flu outbreak on record in Australia, and health experts are urging us to get a flu vaccine as soon as possible to help prevent further spread of the disease.

Over 70,000 cases of flu have been reported this year including a record breaking 30,000 cases last month alone.

Chairman of the Immunisation Coalition, Professor Paul VanBuynder said:

“I’m confident this is not just the biggest on record but the largest flu outbreak we’ve seen for some time”


Flu vaccinations are available from your local pharmacy for around $10, however children need to be vaccinated by a GP where the cost should be $25 or lower, Professer VanBuynder said.

It will take around ten days for the flu vaccine to work properly so doctors are urging us to act fast.

Currently one in four elderly people, two in three pregnant women and nine in ten children are not vaccinated to protect against the flu.

Professor VanBuynder says experts have been asking for the flu vaccine to be made free for everybody on the national immunisation register for well over a decade.


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