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An Elderly Woman Has Been Attacked At A Shopping Centre

Shopping centre cameras have captured the moment an 89-year-old was punched and choked in an unprovoked attack.

As her daughter and granddaughter entered a Woolworths in Endeavour Hills in October, the elderly woman waited on a bench outside.

Without warning, a woman who was seated next to the elderly woman punched her five times before choking her.

The Victim cried out for help and man came to her aid.

A Melbourne court today heard the accused, who cannot be identified, said she had "felt like hurting someone.''

The elderly woman told police that she feared for her life during the incident as was surprised by the lack of security at the supermarket.

The supermarket attack was carried out by a woman who has mental health issues including bipolar and autism.

The woman’s 102 days spent in custody will be used as her punishment, but as the judge told her this, she punched a constable and was led away.

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