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Aldi Is About To Launch Something HUGE

Australia’s favourite supermarket chain Aldi is starting to sell online in China this month and it’s hoping it can lure new customers in with wine, snacks and breakfasts products.

The company will start selling its own brand products via Alibaba and will use it’s Australian suppliers to serve the Chinese market.

A ‘soft launch’ will take place on March 20th, with a select number of products being offered to a limited audience. A full launch will then take place on April 25th, Aldi said.

Alibaba Europe manager Terry von Bibra said the Chinese middle-class was becoming more and more interested in "Made in Germany" products.

All products will be ‘non chilled’ products, shipped and distributed by Australian suppliers. The spokeswoman said, "We know there is a strong demand among Chinese consumers for Australian manufactured products and our goal is to provide a competitively priced alternative for shoppers seeking quality groceries.

It could be good news for Australian consumers too, with more products being made, costs get cheaper, which means we could be paying even less at the check-outs!

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