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60 Brisbane Schools Targeted In BCC Parking Crackdown

Brisbane School Zones will be targeted in a crackdown on illegal parking by the Brisbane City Council. 

60 school zones will be heavily monitored by enforcement officers who have the ability to hand out on the spot fines and warnings. 

Cars that are caught double parking or loitering for too long can be issued a $94 fine. 


Meanwhile, if caught no stopping zone, stopping on a yellow line or disobeying similar parking signage you can expect a $126 fine. 

Speaking to Fairfax, Infrastructure Chairman Amanda Cooper said that schools zones were being intentionally targeted. 

“Council has more than doubled the number of enforcement officers patrolling during school times, in response to the large number of requests that council receives from schools and the community,” she said.

“Council will have ten high-visibility vehicles and officers regularly visiting these school zones to issue warnings and fines to drivers who are failing to park safely during school times.”

Whatever keeps students safe and the school pickup as stress-free as possible, we say!

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