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Why You Should ALWAYS Travel With A Tennis Ball

We all love travelling to new and exotic destinations, especially if it's for a holiday.

But it's no real secret that most of us don't like the actual travelling part. Mostly because it can get uncomfortable AF.

But if you pack a tennis ball of all things in your hand luggage, you could avoid some serious travel discomfort.

According to the Daily Star, a tennis ball is the perfect accessory for relieving tight muscles and joint pain.

The technique is simple! All you have to do is use the ball to apply pressure to the affected area and massage away the aches.

What's even better is that the small item is able to reach the spots that your hands might not be able to whilst in your seat.

You can easily place the tennis ball under your feet or between yourself and the seat and roll it around to massage the areas.

Combine this technique with plenty of water to keep your muscles hydrated and regular walks through the aisles for circulation and you're likely to get a pain free trip!

That's certainly music to our ears.

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