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You Can Actually Try This Cruise BEFORE You Buy A Ticket

If you don’t know someone who has taken a holiday cruise, then are you even really Australian? Cruising has become wildly popular among Aussie travellers, with no signs of slowing down and when you consider the value for money of a cruise holiday, it’s really no surprise. You’ve got on-board activities like mini-golf, bumper cars, water parks, gym classes, and cocktail mixology classes. Then there’s nightly entertainment in the form of themed parties and live performances. Add to that, the fact that all of your main meals and accommodation are included and you get to explore new places (like Fiji, Hawaii and New Zealand to name a few),it’s easy to believe that over 2 million Australians will be cruising by 2020!


On the flip side, the thought of spending most of your holiday on a ship is daunting to some people and it’s not like you can try it before you buy it, right? WELL, turns out you totally can thanks to Cruiseabout’s new Virtual Reality Goggles (which just won a silver award for VR in the Design 100 Awards).


These goggles give potential cruise-goers a chance to experience life onboard, virtually, before purchasing the real thing. While wearing the ‘Cruise 360’ goggles, you can look up, down and over your shoulder to experience what it’s like onboard a cruise ship. You can even catch a glimpse of a theatre performance, walk through the ship’s restaurants and cabins and experience other ship amenities. 

cruise about

Cruiseabout created the goggles in the hopes of debunking common cruising myths and educating consumers who are considering cruising. Now, travellers that are unfamiliar with ships, cabin types and onboard experiences can check it ALL out without actually stepping onboard. The Cruiseabout team are the first to deliver this kind of fully-immersive 360-degree cruise tour on some of the biggest cruise lines in the world like Royal Caribbean International, Princess Cruises, Carnival Australia and P&O Australia.

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