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ALOHA! Jetstar Has $259 Tickets To Hawaii!

This is the news Aussies sweltering in the heat are looking for - because hey, if you can’t survive the heat, you may as well have a cheap holiday in paradise to look forward to.

So, keen for a little piece of paradise for not a big piece of your salary? How do $259 one-way tickets to Hawaii sound?

Perhaps ‘one-way’ is the most appealing part of that offer?

Think hula lessons, cocktails by the pool and oceans more pristine than you’ve ever seen before.


Nice, eh? Well, if you’re after a trip away, Hawaii isn’t your only option; Bali and Phuket are also well within reach.

Looking at a Bali trip in a few months time?

Jetstar have $219 tickets if you travel between May 4 and June 18. Only $10 more if you’re departing from Melbourne.

Phuket and Thailand is available for those wanting to leave Sydney or Melbourne from October 9 to November 30.

You have to book before Valentines Day though, so be warned!

For those wanting to escape winter for an even cheaper holiday, Jetstar is offering one-way tickets from Melbourne to the Whitsunday Coast from $89 - or $65 from Sydney.

A Byron Bay holiday is also affordable if you book now, with Sydney to Ballina flights from $49 between March 14 and April 5.

Remember, vaycays need to be booked by Valentine’s Day, peeps!

Source: Daily Mail

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