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Yet Another HUGE International Brand Is About To Arrive

Australian retailers are in for another scare as Japanese chain Miniso is set to ramp up its assault on our fair land.

The group, which sells fashion, cosmetics, accessories, homewares and in overseas stores, a selection of food already has three stores in Sydney and has instructed retail agents to find a further seven in Sydders and another ten in Melbourne.

Miniso stores tend to pop rip anywhere Japanese apparel group Uniqlo and Muji open, so it is likely to gain a stronghold in all capital cities.

Tha rival of Miniso is not the greatest news for Australian retailers who are already struggling to adapt to online competition and the expansion of international giants like H&M, Zara and Top Shop Top Man.  

In total, six high-profile business have collapsed in Australia since December, leaving over 4000 workers unemployed and it is likely more are to come.

However, Miniso seems confident that their brand will become a market leader once it has disrupted our local brands.

According to the agents, brands such as Dotti, Supre and Valley Girl, among others, will feel the pressure from the entrance of Miniso. It is aimed at the 18 to 30 age group and stores can be large or niche.

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