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What The?! Wait Till You Hear These Flood Proofing Proposals

Imagine telling friends your new place has a helipad.

And that there’s a supply cupboard full of food and water.

Well it soon could be a reality for many. However, there is a catch: because you’ll be living in a flood prone neighbourhood.

The conditions are part of a list of demands that have been made by council on one developer looking to build in flood-proned areas.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reports the land at Carrara has been given preliminary approval for a unit complex.

Provided the developer meets the unusual conditions that is.

And if you think these requests are a little extreme, you haven’t heard anything yet!

According, to the paper, one project was told they’d need lifeboats in case of flooding.

Our question – is this a little extreme OR do you think it’s needed in more developments?

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